Revolutionary Application for Music and Vocal Lessons – MOOZ

In the modern world, where technology is changing our daily interactions, education has become one of the industries that has undergone significant transformation with the advent of online learning. As the era of remote lessons and virtual education emerged, there arose a need for innovative platforms specifically tailored to various fields of knowledge. In this article, we will explore MOOZ - a unique application designed specifically for music and vocal lessons, promising to revolutionize the approach to online education and greatly enhance its effectiveness. MOOZ offers music teachers and their students unique features not found in popular platforms like Zoom, Skype, and MS Teams. Let's delve into the amazing capabilities of this application, which can turn music education into an exciting and fruitful adventure.

Built-in Internal Audio Player – Harmony of Sound and Improvement of Music Practice

One of the most impressive features of MOOZ is its built-in internal audio player, specially designed for music lessons. This opens up new horizons for teachers and students, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the world of music. Now the teacher can play backing tracks or accompaniments for the student to sing or play along with their instrument. This feature contributes to creating a supportive atmosphere where students feel more confident, and the process of music practice becomes more engaging and productive. Thanks to the built-in audio player, MOOZ becomes an excellent tool for those who strive for excellence in their musical artistry.

First feature

Connection of up to 5 Cameras Simultaneously – Proximity and Comfort in Online Interaction

MOOZ offers a unique opportunity to connect up to 5 cameras simultaneously for both the teacher and the student. This immerses the participants in the learning process and creates a sense of presence with each other, despite the physical distance. For music teachers, this means they can closely observe their students' techniques and provide individualized recommendations, which are essential for developing musical skills. For students, this means a closer and more trusting interaction with the teacher, leading to effective learning and increased lesson productivity.

Second feature

Virtual Piano and Connection of Electronic Instruments – Developing Musical Potential

MOOZ provides the opportunity to play on a virtual piano, which can be especially beneficial for those studying the piano or keyboard instruments. The virtual piano offers a unique chance to experiment with the keys, learn to play melodies and chords, and improve one's ear training skills. Moreover, MOOZ allows teachers to connect MIDI keyboards and work with them during the lesson, creating an even more realistic and classical-style learning experience. Now lessons can become more engaging and effective, while students' musical skills will develop faster and with higher quality.

Third feature

Metronome with Flexible Settings – Another Plus to the Effectiveness of Your Lessons

When it comes to music education, the role of the metronome cannot be overstated. It is an indispensable tool for teaching musical rhythm and accuracy of playing. In the context of online education, the metronome becomes even more valuable. MOOZ provides teachers and their students with access to this useful tool right within the application.

The metronome in MOOZ allows you to set a specific tempo and rhythm for the music being played. This is particularly important when working with students in an online format, where there is no physical presence of the teacher to remind them of the correct playing speed. With the metronome's help, students can develop their internal sense of time and improve their synchronization skills with the musical accompaniment.

Moreover, the metronome contributes to improving musical stability and performance confidence. Students can track their progress by playing in a steady rhythm and achieve greater reliability in their musical performance. This is especially beneficial for musicians learning to play virtuosically on instruments or developing their vocal potential.

Fourth feature

Other Standard Features – Everything You Need for Successful Learning

MOOZ also offers standard features that are familiar to online learning platforms. File and screen sharing by the teacher facilitate the explanation of theoretical materials and demonstration of instrument playing. The lesson recording feature allows students to review the material and analyze their progress, while the chat provides the opportunity for communication and asking questions between the teacher and the student.

Fifth feature


MOOZ is a revolutionary application designed specifically for music and vocal lessons. Its unique features, such as the built-in internal audio player, the ability to connect multiple cameras, the virtual piano, and the option to work with electronic instruments, make learning more engaging and effective. For music and vocal teachers who seek an innovative approach to online education, MOOZ becomes an indispensable tool that allows for creating a unique and high-quality learning experience. If you want to enhance the quality of your music lessons and give students the opportunity to fully unleash their musical potential, MOOZ is exactly what you need. Try MOOZ and discover new possibilities for developing your musical mastery right now.